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About Kiztopia Singapore

Inject some fun and excitement into your kid's life by planning a trip to Kiztopia, Singapore, which is a dream destination for little ones. It is one of the largest indoor playgrounds packed with immersive experiences for your kids. This indoor playground is split into eighteen interactive play areas with eleven interesting characters that offer endless amazement and thrill. Hero Square is the most happening zone at Kiztopia Singapore, where kids can meet the mascots and take a breather from the regular games. At Kiztopia, you'll find obstacle courses, slides, cross bridges, rides, balancing acts, ball pits, a fake beach, claw machines, AR games, and much more. Roleplay stations at Kiztopia help the kids boost their imagination and teach them to handle responsibilities. If your child is obsessed with the train, they can head to Chug Eli, where a Kiztopia mascot, Eli, runs the fully-automated train. Another popular attraction in Kiztopia is Honey Notes which allows kids to create music on the projector with projected instruments. The kids can burn out their energy by enjoying the ninja warrior obstacle course that has swinging bridges and monkey bars. So cultivate your kids' motor and social skills and bond with them by visiting Kiztopia Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Kiztopia Singapore

Best time to Visit

Weekday mornings are the best time to visit Kiztopia Singapore if you want to avoid the huge rush and have a hassle-free experience exploring the attraction. Since Kiztopia Singapore is a highly famed attraction, it remains jam-packed during the weekends, making it difficult to explore it in a relaxed way. Also, the afternoons and the evenings are the prime hours when most people usually visit this attraction, so you can expect a huge crowd even during this time.

Kiztopia Singapore Opening Hours:

Kiztopia Singapore remains open from 10 AM- 8 PM (Sundays to Thursday) and from10 AM- 10 PM (Fridays and Saturdays). It remains closed on every month's first Tuesday for deep cleaning, so plan your trip accordingly.

Things to Know About Kiztopia Singapore

How to Reach
Rules to Follow
Facilities Offered

1.) By Car

Kiztopia is located in Marina Square mall. So you'll have to first reach Marina Square Mall by taking ECP to Temasek Boulevard and Raffles Link via Raffles Avenue. Once you reach Marina Square Mall, you can park your car in the paid parking area. After that, you can head directly to Kiztopia after taking a lift or an escalator.

2.) By MRT

The closest MRT stations to Kiztopia Singapore are Esplanade MRT Station, City Hall MRT Station, and Promenade MRT Station. All of them are perfect stops to get off your MRT and reach the destination.

3.) By Bus

You can reach Kiztopia Singapore by buses 1N, 2N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 3N, 36, 36A, 56, 70M, 36B,75, 77, 97E, 97, 106, 111, 162M, 171, 133, 195, 195A, 531, 857, 960, 961C, 700A, NR1, NR2, NR6, NR7, NR5 and NR8. You can take a bus to any of these bus stops: Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Drive, Temasek Boulevard, and Raffles Boulevard. All these bus stops are close to Kiztopia.

Kiztopia Singapore LocationKiztopia Singapore is situated at Marina Square Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1.

  • Wear jeans/pants and long sleeve shirts or tops as lots of physical activity such as jumping, climbing, and sliding is involved inside Kiztopia Singapore. To avoid potential abrasion, avoid wearing sleeveless clothes or shorts.
  • All guests must adhere to all restrictions and rules stated by Kiztopia staff. The visitors should also follow the rules stated in every facility in Kiztopia.
  • For safety purposes and hygiene, visitors must wear socks on the premises. The guests are not allowed to be barefoot, and shoes are not allowed on the premises. Participants under the age of 12 should wear non-slip socks, which can be purchased at the reception counter.
  • Don't bring outside food or beverages inside Kiztopia. You can only take baby formulas inside Kiztopia.
  • Kiztopia management won't be responsible for any damage or loss to property stored in any storage facilities or locker at the venue.
  • Keep the premises clean. Sanitization and clean-up charges can be imposed on guests for incidents such as spillage, urine, vomiting, and leaks.
  • All guests must be physically fit and healthy before entering Kiztopia. They must comply with public health directives that are in force from time to time. Kiztopia Singapore management has the right to refuse entry to anyone who seems to be sick or unwell.
  • Lockers: You can use the lockers free of cost once at the playground area.
  • Parking: Paid parking can be availed at Kiztopia Singapore.
  • Stroller parking: At Kiztopia Singapore, you'll also find a stroller parking area.
  • Eateries: You can satiate your hunger pangs by heading to the eateries at Kiztopia Singapore.
  • Group trips: At Kiztopia Singapore, you can enjoy group events and trips at special rates.

Tips for Visiting Kiztopia Singapore

  • Carry your camera to click beautiful pictures at Kiztopia Singapore, as you'll find specific photo op zones at Kiztopia.
  • Keep an eye on your kids at Kiztopia Singapore, as the area is large, and it's easy to lose them.
  • Don't bring outside food or beverages to Kiztopia Singapore. If you feel hungry, you can enjoy a lip-smacking meal at Chic-a-boo, Seoul Garden, and Beyond Pancakes, which are located in Marina Mall.
  • Try to visit Kiztopia during the opening hours to avoid a huge crowd.
  • Instead of the 3 hours ticket option, go for the unlimited one as it will give you access to the playground for as long as you want.
  • One thing that you should not miss is taking your kids to meet the Kiztopia mascots.

FAQs of Kiztopia Singapore

Is it worth visiting Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, it is absolutely worth visiting Kiztopia Singapore as it offers a wide variety of experiences for kids. The kids can enjoy various games and rides and meet and greet with the Kiztopia mascots. It features eighteen unique play zones that have been designed to improve your kid's social and motor skills, making it worth a visit.

What is the suitable age for kids to enjoy Kiztopia?

Kids between the age group of 12 months to 12 years can enjoy Kiztopia. For kids below the age of 12 months, adult supervision will be required.

How long are my Kiztopia tickets valid?

Your Kiztopia ticket is valid for 3 hours post which you'll have to pay SGD10 ( Rs563.28) per hour, or you can opt for an unlimited access ticket that is valid for a day.

Which nearby attraction can be visited while visiting Kiztopia Singapore ?

While visiting Kiztopia, you can also explore nearby attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, ArtScience Museum,National Museum Singapore,National Gallery Singapore and much more.

Will kids above the age of 10 enjoy Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, kids above the age of 10 can enjoy Kiztopia Singapore as there are many play areas dedicated to kids of all ages.

What is the difference between Kiztopia Singapore and Kidzania?

Kiztopia Singapore is the biggest indoor edutainment playground in Singapore, located inside a shopping mall. It is built on 'Learn through Play and Play to Learn' concepts. All eighteen play areas have been designed with specific learning objectives for the kids.Kidzania is a unique theme park that allows kids to try different roles, from policemen to firefighters and chefs to shop owners! It is a built-to-scale city where kids can indulge in a wide variety of real-life activities and jobs.

Are there any height restrictions at Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, there might be height restrictions for some attractions due to safety reasons, so please check the requirements before booking the tickets.

Are wheelchair & storage facilities available at Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, storage areas are available at Kiztopia Singapore. For wheelchairs facilities, you can contact the Kiztopia staff for further details in advance.

Can I bring food to Kiztopia Singapore?

No, you can't bring outside food or drinks to Kiztopia Singapore. However, if you feel hungry during your visit to Kiztopia Singapore, you can grab a meal at the eateries located in Marina Mall.

Are there any events at Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, special events are organized from time to time at Kiztopia Singapore. As part of its second-anniversary celebration, Kiztopia Singapore recently organized Jumptopia and Dazzling Nights. You'll have to check their official website to know about the upcoming events happening at Kiztopia Singapore.


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