Places to Visit Near Kiztopia Singapore

Attractions to Visit Near Kiztopia Singapore

Kiztopia Singapore is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in Singapore, where the kids can have the best of edutainment, fun, and learning experiences. It has ninja obstacle courses and giant spiral slides within the eighteen play areas. There are many places to visit near Kiztopia Singapore where you will explore various magical experiences and thrilling adventures. If you're a fan of dreamy landscapes and lush green environments, you can visit Gardens by the Bay, and if you want to know about Singapore's origin, you can head to The Merlion. Art enthusiasts can visit Esplanade - Theaters by the Bay, one of the busiest arts centers in the world. Get ready for a bouncy adventure by visiting AIRZONE and immerse yourself in the world of art, magic, metaphor, and science at ArtScience Museum.

If you wish to see a unique collection of Southeast Asian and modern Singapore art, the National Gallery of Singapore can be your ideal option. History lovers can head to Fort Canning Park, which is dotted with ancient artifacts and outdoor lawns for concerts. So head to these attractions to satisfy the traveler in you and have experiences that will remain ingrained in your memory lane forever.

Gardens by the Bay

Spanning over two hundred and fifty acres of reclaimed land, Gardens by the Bay is Asia's premier horticultural destination. It is a scenic paradise for photography and nature lovers looking for a respite from the humdrum of city life. Gardens by the Bay houses eighteen massive, tree-shaped gardens known as Supertrees and a vast array of plant life. It comprises three waterfront gardens: Bay East, Bay South, and Bay Central. Bay South is the largest garden with iconic Supertrees and award-winning cooled conservatories. Gardens by the Bay also houses Kingfisher and Dragonfly Lakes, which are an extension of the Marina Reservoir.

Singapore DUCKtours

Singapore DUCKtours give you a chance to enjoy an exhilarating tour of Singapore's popular attractions on a remodeled amphibious Warcraft. Get up close to the famous skyline, gorgeous bay view, and historical landmarks of Singapore via DUCKtours. This exciting tour will start from the waters of Marina Bay, and you'll pass through Gardens by the Bay, The Historic Civic District, and the Esplanade Theater. This hour-long journey is full-of thrill and gives you a chance to discover the present, past, and possibly the future of the city. Hear the interesting Singapore story from the DUCKtainers commentating aboard the amphibious Warcraft. You can also click beautiful snapshots of the city's major monuments while enjoying the Singapore DUCKtours.

ArtScience Museum

Devour yourself in a world of science, magic, and art through a fascinating collection of interactive digital installations at the ArtScience Museum. The building is centrally situated in the Marina Bay district and is shaped like a lotus flower. It has twenty-one galleries over three storeys with a floor space of about fifty thousand square feet. It houses renowned exhibitions like "The Deep," which showcases deep-sea life and the largest collection of abyssal creatures. Other exhibitions at the Museum feature a multitude of works from the creative and arts fields, such as art pieces by Eric Valli. It is the perfect venue to host product launches, cocktail parties, and opening ceremonies.

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is an artistic retreat located in Singapore's Civic District. It houses the largest collection of Southeast Asian and Singapore art in the world. The building portrays Singapore's values, vision, and history through its impressive artwork, state-of-the-art facilities, and interesting exhibitions. You must visit its two permanent galleries, the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery and the DBS Singapore Gallery, which aim to highlight Singapore's visual identity. You can see here the works of Singapore's most famous local artists, including Chen Chong Swee, Georgette Chen, and Liu Kang.

National Museum Singapore

National Museum Singapore is an impressive museum that recites the intriguing story of Singapore in a fun and rewarding way. The building is a wondrous structure that seamlessly fuses the old and the new aspect of Singapore. It is the city's oldest museum, where you can see over 1,700 carefully preserved artifacts. One of the immersive art installations is the Story of the Forest, which allows visitors to experience the museum's treasured collections through a spectacular digital presentation. Further, a wide range of events is hosted here, including art installations, film screenings, and festivals.


AIRZONE is the first indoor atrium net playground in the world where you can head with your kids for a bouncy adventure. It is situated at City Square Mall in Singapore and offers a unique experience that will excite both adults and kids. Bounce around on the elevated atrium nets, lie down on a giant hammock and enjoy the view from the nets. You can also sit in the atrium space and explore the ball pit or play with your friends in the maze area. On the third level, there is a huge ball pit where the kids can gleefully dive into and swim.

Asian Civilization Museum

Explore the artistic heritage of Asia and the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans by visiting Asian Civilization Museum. During the mid-19th century, the Museum operated as a courthouse and was converted in the 1980s into government offices. It was later converted into a museum and houses a huge collection of artifacts from India, Southeast Asia, and China. Permanent exhibits feature various dedicated sections portraying the religions practiced in Asia, including Islam, Daoism, and Buddhism. It also features a museum shop, cafe, restaurant, function rooms, and fully-furnished auditorium.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore's most iconic luxury hotel where you can reconnect, rejuvenate and realign yourself. It has the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, a world-class casino, and twenty dining options. Marina Bay Sands also has tons of high-end retail selections for sophisticated buyers. Offers direct access to the ArtScience Museum and Singapore's premier shopping mall, the place is worth a visit. Take in alluring views of the city from the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck situated on level 57. Drink, dance, and party with your gang at the dance club and enjoy soothing massages at Banyan Tree Spa.

The Merlion

Meet Singapore's iconic statue, The Merlion, which has the body of a fish with a lion's head. It is situated at the Merlion Park waterfront and is considered the official mascot of Singapore. The Merlion's fish-like body symbolizes the origin of Singapore as a fishing village, Temasek. Its head represents the original name of the city which was Singapura in the olden days. The Merlion statue weighs 70 tonnes and stands at 8.6 meters; and was built by craftsman Lim Nang Seng. A stream of water continuously pours from its mouth, making it the perfect photography site.

Esplanade - Theaters by the Bay

Esplanade - Theaters by the Bay is one of the most architecturally captivating and busiest performing arts centers in Singapore. Locals call it "the Durian," as its structure resembles the spiky fruit that is found only in this part of the world. It features a sixteen hundred-seat Concert Hall where international and local musical acts are regularly performed. If you want to enjoy a modern dance performance or Shakespeare's act, head to the two thousand-seat Theatre next door. The center also features a Theatre Studio, Recital Studio, Visual Art Exhibition Spaces, an Outdoor Theatre, and Annexe Studio.

Fort Canning Park

Whether you're a history lover, nature enthusiast, or music fan, Fort Canning Park should be your ideal destination. It is the site where Malay royalty ruled in medieval times, and the British surrendered to the invading Japanese during WWII. The eighteen-hectare space is dotted with ancient artifacts, outdoor lawns for concerts, and lush greenery. There's also the ASEAN Sculpture Garden, Spice Garden, and Battle Box, a former military complex used in WWII. The major highlight of the park includes the Maritime Corner, which tells the story of Singapore's evolution to an international maritime center from an entrepot trading post.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Enjoy the wonders of flora and rejoice in the lush green environments at Singapore Botanic Gardens. There are many walking tracks throughout the gardens, including Ginger Garden Trail, the Rainforest Trail, National Orchid Garden Trail, the Heritage Trails, and Evolution Garden Trail. Don't forget to check out the Evolution Garden, which recites the story of the evolution of plants on earth. One of the newest additions to the park is the Como Adventure Grove Playgarden, which houses giant fruit sculptures. You'll also find here a Japanese bamboo forest featuring a dreamy lane of thirty species of bamboo.


How long are my Kiztopia tickets valid for?

Your Kiztopia tickets are valid for 3 hours post which you'll be charged SGD10 per hour.

Will kids above the age of 10 can enjoy Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, kids above the age of 10 can enjoy Kiztopia Singapore as there are play areas dedicated to people of all ages.

What is the difference between Kiztopia Singapore and Kidzania?

Kiztopia Singapore and Kidzania are popular kid-friendly attractions in Singapore. Kidzania has been closed permanently in Singapore, while Kiztopia Singapore is still operating. Kiztopia Singapore has indoor driving zones, enormous slides, cooking activities, and Nina obstacle courses. At this high-tech indoor playground, you can also enjoy AR games, like basketball.

Are there any height restrictions at Kiztopia Singapore?

Yes, some attractions have height restrictions due to safety purposes.

Why is Kiztopia Singapore so famous?

Kiztopia Singapore is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Singapore, where your kids can have the best of edutainment, fun, and learning. It has 18 different play areas that have been designed to discover your child's unique strengths. Kids can enjoy train rides, role-playing, Ninja Warrior Course, and trampolines, and adults can play augmented reality basketball, making it famous among both kids and adults. You can plan your visit to Kiztopia with us.

How do they track the playtime at Kiztopia Singapore?

Playtime at Kiztopia Singapore begins once you enter the playground. You can easily track your play time using the entry timing.

How much is Gardens by the Bay far from Kiztopia Singapore?

Gardens by the Bay is a 0.67 km driving distance from Kiztopia Singapore.


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